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Nvidia’s Q2 Forecast: Riding High on the AI Wave

When Nvidia takes the stage this week, the spotlight is unquestionably theirs. Wall Street has been buzzing ever since this chip giant blew past previous expectations with a jaw-dropping $11 billion revenue forecast for Q2, leaving analysts’ estimates trailing by a cool $4 billion.

Let’s back up a bit. Why is Nvidia, a company known for its GPUs that power AI marvels like ChatGPT, in the limelight? The clue lies in a relentless surge in demand over recent months, solidifying Nvidia’s reigning position in the AI chip arena. To paint a clearer picture, take a cue from Tesla’s main man, Elon Musk, who lamented that if only Nvidia could provide them with enough GPUs, they might bypass other options altogether. The sheer volume of customers lining up for Nvidia says it all.

This fervor around Nvidia’s AI-centric endeavors has set the stock charts on fire. With a staggering growth of over 200% this year, Nvidia now enjoys the elite tag of a $1.1 trillion market valuation.

The Street’s consensus? Continued brilliance from Nvidia in the upcoming Q2 results, with a side of promising forecasts for the latter half of the year. Crunching the numbers, the average prediction for Q2 places EPS at $2.07, with revenue estimates tipping the scale at $11.2 billion.

So, what’s the verdict from Wall Street’s finest on Nvidia’s imminent earnings release?


takes the bullish route, viewing Nvidia as their top choice to tap into the AI momentum. Their findings suggest that Nvidia could deliver revenues up to $15 billion in Q3, with even greater heights in Q4, especially focusing on Nvidia’s GPUs. They affirm, “Nvidia will continue to reign supreme, deriving maximum benefits from the AI surge.” Their rating? A confident “Overweight” with a $600 target.

Bank of America

terms Nvidia as their “sector favorite”, crediting its transformative potential in global AI-centric data centers. Their sentiment post-Nvidia’s last ‘shock-and-awe’ report is more balanced. The challenge isn’t demand but supply, especially given the rapid pace of US cloud service installations. Their insights also hint at Nvidia’s potential sales surge in upcoming quarters. Bank of America places a “Buy” tag on Nvidia with a price target of $550.

Goldman Sachs

sees a promising horizon for Nvidia. Their reasoning? Nvidia’s robust standing in the budding AI semiconductor domain. They predict that the company will outshine the competition for the remainder of the year, further driven by positive EPS revisions. Goldman Sachs also leans towards a “Buy” for Nvidia, setting the bar at a $495 price target.

For entrepreneurs and investors keen on tech and innovation, Nvidia’s trajectory is a testament to the power of foresight, innovation, and the potential of AI. The results are awaited, but the narrative remains clear: Nvidia is a force to reckon with in the AI revolution.