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Jack Dorsey Exits Bluesky Amidst Social Media Shifts: What’s Next?

Jack Dorsey, the enigmatic co-founder of Twitter, now known as X, has recently stirred the pot with a series of cryptic actions and announcements on the platform. From engaging briefly in the rap feud between Kendrick Lamar and Drake to his staunch support for “freedom technology,” Dorsey’s movements have been as newsworthy as ever. Yet, amidst this flurry of activity, one of his more subtle yet significant moves was his quiet departure from Bluesky, the initiative he helped to launch as a Twitter offshoot.

Over the weekend, Dorsey clarified his current involvement with Bluesky in a succinct exchange on X, simply stating “no” when asked if he still sat on the board. Bluesky later confirmed his exit, expressing gratitude for his role in founding and funding the project. “Today, Bluesky is thriving as an open-source social network running on atproto, the decentralized protocol we have built,” the company stated. They are now on the hunt for a new board member who aligns with their vision of a user-empowered social network.

This shift comes after Dorsey’s notable reduction of his X following list to just a few key figures, highlighting his focused approach towards digital freedom and privacy advocacy. However, the timing and reasons behind his departure from Bluesky remain shrouded in mystery, as neither party has provided details on when or why the decision was made.

Bluesky itself has evolved significantly since its inception. Initially funded with $13 million by Twitter, the platform was set out to revolutionize social media with a decentralized protocol that prioritizes public benefit over profit. Since becoming an independent entity in 2022, Bluesky has grown to boast 3 million users, transitioning from an invite-only app to a more inclusive platform.

Interestingly, while Dorsey has ceased discussing Bluesky and another supported project, Nostr, on X since mid-2023, his influence in the tech and social media landscapes continues to resonate. His advocacy for a decentralized system where users can set their own community standards and moderation rules stands in stark contrast to the centralized controls typical of major social networks.

As for why Dorsey has stepped back from Bluesky, the community may have to wait for more direct communication from the man himself—perhaps in an innovative format, true to his disruptive nature. Until then, speculation will abound as observers question what his next big move will be in the ever-evolving realm of social media and technology.