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From Trading Floors to Billionaire’s Club: The Rise of XTX Markets and Alex Gerko

A captivating rise to billionaire status is always a page-turner for financial enthusiasts, and Alex Gerko’s journey is no different. The story of the ex-Deutsche Bank trader, who took the plunge and founded XTX Markets in 2015, serves as an enticing plotline that keeps entrepreneurs and investors at the edge of their seats.

Fresh off the press, the Bloomberg Billionaires Index spotlights Gerko’s vault to a whopping net worth of $10.8 billion. With the spotlight shining brighter, he’s catapulted to the 182nd position after pocketing an impressive $5.17 billion in just one trading day. Doing the math, that’s a meteoric growth of $4.94 billion since the year’s beginning!

XTX Markets is the silent powerhouse steering this surge. Last month’s financial headlines lauded the firm for its brilliant performance, witnessing a revenue avalanche of 68% in 2022, translating to a striking 2.5 billion pounds sterling ($3.2 billion). If that didn’t raise eyebrows, the 50% profit jump to 1.1 billion pounds surely did.

But wait, there’s more to this tale of numbers. Thanks to its 75% stake held by Gerko, XTX marked its calendar by disbursing a jaw-dropping dividend of 1.6 billion pounds to its shareholders. And even as it chases the heels of Citadel Securities’ $7.5 billion revenue in 2022, XTX is gearing up to make its mark among the elite of global markets.

The discerning investor would question – what sets XTX apart, especially when global markets faced turbulence from interest rate hikes and US banking woes. The answer lies in the company’s impressive handling of a daily trading volume of around $300 billion, spanning across equities, commodities, currencies, and fixed income. And here’s the zinger: XTX, with almost 200 experts on its payroll, doesn’t employ a single human trader! Embracing the future, the firm pushes the envelope by perfecting its trades through automation. The cherry on top? The name “XTX” is a nod to a mathematical formula essential for their state-of-the-art algorithms.

Let’s zoom out a bit to appreciate the man behind the magic. Gerko, originating from Russia and now residing in the UK, isn’t just a business magnate; he also wears the crown of Britain’s top taxpayer.

For the astute investor, Gerko’s meteoric rise underscores the value of innovation, automation, and strategic foresight in today’s rapidly evolving financial landscape. While tales of success often reverberate in boardrooms, it’s stories like Gerko’s that inspire, reminding everyone that with the right strategy and a dash of daring, the sky is the limit.