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Shein’s Factory Tours: A Case of Influencer Backlash Over Controversy

Fast fashion titan Shein recently attempted a PR stunt reminiscent of Willy Wonka, offering a select group of influencers a golden ticket to tour one of its massive factories. However, instead of a wave of positive publicity, these influencers have faced a torrent of backlash for what critics are branding as a propaganda exercise.

Shein, notorious for its alleged environmental harm and human rights abuses, sponsored the all-expenses-paid journey to their “model factory” in Guangzhou, China for these content creators. Clips showcasing their visit, replete with cheerful music and glowing endorsements, have ignited a digital storm. The situation escalated when a sustainable fashion advocate went viral with a parody video, feigning excitement over the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.

Dani Carbonari, one of the influencers, seemed particularly excited about her visit in a now-deleted video. Describing it as “one of the most life-changing trips” of her life, she encouraged viewers to be “independent thinkers” and to get the facts for themselves. Yet, this statement has stirred controversy, with critics noting her lack of journalistic credentials.

Notably, actual investigative journalists have offered a starkly contrasting view of Shein’s operations. A documentary unveiled last autumn highlighted grueling 18-hour shifts for workers, who received minimal pay per clothing item and scarcely had any days off. This model aligns with Shein’s focus on fast, cheap fashion production. As a result, two dozen congressional members have urged the SEC to pause Shein’s anticipated IPO until claims of forced labor are thoroughly investigated.

As we zoom out, it’s worth noting that influencer-sponsored trips aren’t a new concept. They have been a common promotional strategy since the early days of YouTube vlogging. However, the tide of public opinion appears to be turning against these publicity vacations, making them a potentially risky venture for companies.

This is evident in the recent backlash faced by Tarte Cosmetics following their luxury influencer trip to Dubai. Critics deemed their displays of opulence “tone-deaf” amid current global crises. Additionally, allegations of sub-par treatment of creators of color during the trip further soured public opinion.

In essence, this incident with Shein underscores a broader shift in public sentiment. As consumers grow more aware and concerned about ethical and sustainable practices, companies and influencers may need to reconsider their promotional strategies. The traditional playbook of glamour and excess might no longer be as effective, or as accepted, as it once was.