Friday, May 17, 2024
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Apple on a Rocket Ride: From $3 Trillion Now to Potentially $4 Trillion by 2025, Predicts Wedbush

There’s something truly remarkable happening in the world of Apple. As per a recent note from Wedbush, the tech behemoth, which already boasts a staggering $3 trillion market cap, could be cruising toward a jaw-dropping $4 trillion valuation within the next couple of years.

The company, which achieved the $3 trillion valuation landmark back in January 2022, appears to be worth even more in the eyes of Wedbush analysts. They estimate a more accurate valuation of around $3.5 trillion, with a bullish projection that could see Apple hitting the $4 trillion mark by 2025. That’s a promising surge of 25%.

So, what’s fueling this optimistic view? Wedbush points towards Apple’s robust services segment. The analysts believe this area is on a trajectory to net close to $100 billion in annual revenue by fiscal 2024, nearly doubling from $50 billion in 2020. The firm suggests that the potential revenue from services alone could warrant a valuation of a staggering $1.4 trillion.

Looking ahead, the forthcoming iPhone 15 could also trigger a “mini super cycle,” according to analysts. They note that approximately 25% of Apple’s devoted customer base has yet to upgrade their iPhones in the past four years. This presents a significant opportunity for revenue growth.

Contrary to the bears and skeptics who continue to predict a slowdown in Apple’s growth, Wedbush analysts believe the complete opposite is unfolding. They forecast a “renaissance of growth” for the tech titan over the next 12 to 18 months.

Adding another dimension to this growth trajectory is Apple’s potential to integrate AI into its Vision Pro App store. This move, analysts suggest, could lend Apple a “massive advantage” over its competition.

Interestingly, Wedbush is not the only bullish voice in the market. Fairlead Strategies echoes a similar sentiment, also predicting a long-term $4 trillion valuation for Apple.

So, it appears Apple is on the launchpad, ready for another stellar ride. The question is not whether it will reach the stars, but rather how soon and how brightly it will shine when it gets there. For investors and entrepreneurs, it’s a journey worth watching.