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Kim Kardashian’s Pursuit of the ‘Magic Sauce’: The Celebrity’s New Equity Venture Targets $1 Billion Fund

Kim Kardashian, best known for her reality TV and social media fame, took the stage at the SuperReturn conference in Berlin to discuss her new private equity venture, SKKY Partners, founded last year. Her goal with the firm, co-founded with ex-Carlyle Group partner Jay Simmons, is to focus investments in the consumer and media sectors.

For Kardashian, this venture is as much about the partnership as it is about investing. “I am most looking forward to my relationships with the founders,” Kardashian stated, positioning herself not just as an investor, but as a narrator of entrepreneurial journeys. “I love hearing people’s stories, and hearing what their magic sauce is behind their company and why they wanted to start the company that they did and what their vision is and just hope that I can help that.”

Though an unexpected question or two about her life as an influencer and a mother found their way into the conference Q&A session, the focal point remained firmly on her role as an investor and entrepreneur. Kardashian has already demonstrated her business acumen with her shapewear company, Skims, which soared to a valuation of $3 billion last year.

Now, her private equity firm SKKY Partners is setting its sights on a significant goal: to raise a minimum of $1 billion. The fundraising pitch, as seen by Bloomberg last month, highlights Kardashian’s expansive social media influence and her proven success in the beauty and retail industries.

The firm aims to make 10 to 12 strategic investments, each requiring an equity commitment of $100 million to $500 million. They are also asking for a minimum commitment of $10 million from limited partners, according to Bloomberg.

As Kardashian enters the world of private equity, her influence and the allure of her “magic sauce” will be put to the test. The story of her new venture is still unfolding, and the business world is watching with anticipation.