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China’s Golden Love Affair: A Seven-Month Streak Signaling De-Dollarization

The world is witnessing a modern-day gold rush, and China is leading the charge. In an intriguing turn of events, the Asian giant continues to hoard the precious yellow metal, marking its seventh consecutive month of heightened gold purchases.

In May alone, the People’s Bank of China added another 16 tons of the shiny commodity to its vaults, a trend that was initiated back in November. Over the last half a year, China has stockpiled an impressive 144 tons of gold, expanding its total reserves to an astounding 2,092 tons.

However, China isn’t the only one joining this golden parade. According to the World Gold Council, the first quarter of this year recorded a significant uptick in gold purchases by central banks across the globe, hitting a record quarterly acquisition of 228.4 tons.

This surge in gold demand seems to align with an emerging trend – a gradual shift away from the US dollar as a global reserve currency. This trend was sparked into life when sanctions were imposed against Russia in the aftermath of the Ukraine invasion, pushing other nations to reconsider their dependence on the US dollar.

Data from a recent World Gold Council survey provides some compelling insight into this monetary shift. As per the survey, about 50% of central banks anticipate a decline in the dollar’s share of reserves, anticipating it to hover around the 40-50% mark in the next five years. In contrast, gold is expected to enjoy an uptrend during the same timeframe.

Additionally, the survey revealed that one in four central banks plan to beef up their gold reserves over the next year.

Despite a slight decrease in foreign currency reserves from $3.20 trillion in April to $3.18 trillion in May, China stood as the second-largest gold buyer in the first quarter, only outdone by Singapore.

As this financial saga unfolds, it offers an interesting case study for investors and entrepreneurs alike. It begs the question – are we witnessing the dawn of a new golden age? Only time will tell.