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Elon Musk’s Underground Vision: Transforming Las Vegas Travel with the Boring Company

Elon Musk, the visionary behind SpaceX and Tesla, has set his sights underground with his Boring Company, aiming to revolutionize urban transportation. Starting with a tweet in 2016 about his plan to tackle traffic congestion through tunneling, Musk has turned his ambitious vision into a tangible reality in Las Vegas.

The Boring Company has recently taken a significant leap in expanding its Vegas Loop transportation system, acquiring 1.8 acres of land on Paradise Road for $7.2 million. This strategic purchase, near the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus, is set to further develop Musk’s innovative underground transit network.

Currently, the Boring Company operates the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) Loop, a marvel of modern transportation that whisks passengers in Tesla electric vehicles through an underground tunnel system. The 1.7-mile tunnel, costing approximately $47 million, seamlessly connects three expo halls and Resorts World Las Vegas on the Strip, transforming a lengthy 45-minute walk into a swift 2-minute journey.

The expansion of the Vegas Loop is underway, promising to integrate the LVCC Loop with future service extensions. This expanded network will include key destinations like the Harry Reid International Airport, Allegiant Stadium, and downtown Las Vegas. The Vegas Loop aims to dramatically reduce travel time, cutting a peak hour 30-minute trip from the Convention Center to Allegiant Stadium down to just 4 minutes.

The most recent land purchase will facilitate the construction of the University Center Loop, directly connecting UNLV to the Las Vegas Convention Center. In addition to this, the Boring Company has made strategic land acquisitions on Las Vegas Boulevard and near Chinatown, signaling a comprehensive expansion plan.

Envisioning a sprawling network stretching from South Las Vegas Boulevard to Downtown Las Vegas, the Vegas Loop will feature 93 stations along 68 miles of tunnel. These tunnels, situated 30 feet below the surface, will allow Tesla vehicles to travel at speeds of up to 150 mph, aiming to transport up to 90,000 passengers per hour. In contrast, the LVCC Loop is designed to handle 4,400 passengers per hour.

While the LVCC Loop offers free service to convention attendees, the broader Vegas Loop will implement a fee structure. Prices will vary based on distance, ranging from $5 to $12 for different routes. For instance, a 3-minute trip from Downtown Las Vegas to the convention center will cost $5, while an 8-minute journey from Downtown Las Vegas to the airport will be priced at $12.

Since its opening in April 2021, the LVCC Loop has already transported over 1.5 million passengers, peaking at over 32,000 users per day. With these expansions, the Boring Company is not just reshaping Las Vegas transportation; it’s redefining the possibilities of urban transit. For investors, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts, Musk’s underground venture is a striking example of innovative thinking in action, potentially paving the way for similar projects in other congested cities worldwide.