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Elon Musk Strikes Back: Refutes Wall Street Journal’s Allegations of Drug Use

Elon Musk, the dynamic CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, found himself in the spotlight yet again, but this time, it was due to a Wall Street Journal report over the weekend that cast a shadow over his conduct. The report alleged Musk’s involvement with various illegal drugs, triggering a whirlwind of media attention and public scrutiny.

However, Musk was quick to defend himself on his social media platform, X. He didn’t just refute the allegations but also took a dig at the Wall Street Journal’s integrity. In a response to a post by @WholeMarsBlog on X, Musk described the article as “comedy gold,” then elaborated on his stance by revealing that he had voluntarily undergone “3 years of random drug testing” following his controversial appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience in 2018, where he was seen smoking cannabis. Musk emphasized that the tests found “not even trace quantities of any drugs or alcohol” in his system. In a pointed remark, he tagged the Journal in a post, deriding the publication as “not fit to line a parrot cage for bird [feces].”

Musk’s defense didn’t stop there. In a conversation with X user @WhatsupFranks, who mentioned the story’s coverage on Italian news stations, Musk highlighted his professional achievements during the period in question, underscoring his leadership in elevating Tesla to the status of the world’s most valuable car company and SpaceX as the leading space company.

Further showcasing his trademark wit, Musk responded to a user’s jest about wanting to have what he was having, with a quip: “If drugs helped improve my net productivity over time, I would take them!”

In an additional post, Musk continued to berate the Wall Street Journal, asserting that TMZ, known for its celebrity gossip coverage, holds “vastly higher standards” compared to the Journal.

The Wall Street Journal’s report had claimed, citing unnamed sources, that Musk indulged in a range of substances including cocaine, ecstasy, LSD, ketamine, and psilocybin (psychedelic mushrooms). The report also mentioned concerns from board members about Musk’s health and his ability to manage the vast empire of companies under his leadership. However, Musk’s swift and pointed responses suggest a strong dismissal of these allegations, painting a contrasting picture of the entrepreneur’s off-screen life.