Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Grimes Ventures into AI Toys with ‘Grok,’ a Plush Rocketship Companion for Kids

The world of AI toys just got more intriguing with Grimes, the Canadian musician and artist, joining forces with Curio to unveil “Grok,” a new AI-powered toy designed for children. Shaped like a cuddly rocketship, Grok offers an interactive experience for kids, enabling them to ask questions and engage in imaginative play.

Equipped with a speaker and microphone, Grok is designed to foster a child’s curiosity and creativity. What sets Grok apart is its ability to send transcriptions of conversations between the child and the toy directly to an app on the parent’s phone, ensuring parents can monitor interactions for safety and appropriateness.

It’s important to clarify that Grimes’ Grok is not connected to Elon Musk’s Grok, the large language model integrated into X.ai. This distinction was humorously noted by Grimes in a promotional video, where she interacts with the toy, inquiring about rocket ship construction, to which Grok responds with information about materials and rocket science.

Grimes, born Claire Boucher, is not just the voice behind the $99 Grok toy but also serves as an advisor and investor in Curio. This collaboration marks a significant step into the AI and toy industry for the artist, who is currently navigating a custody battle with Elon Musk over their three children.

Grok, along with its plush companions Gabbo and Grem, joins a growing market of AI interactive robot toys. Notably, the Moxie robot, priced at $800, features a screen and camera as a face, capable of object recognition. Another competitor, the Miko Mini, shares a similar price point with Grok but offers additional features such as mobility, sensors, and a screen.

The introduction of Grok into the AI toy landscape signifies a fusion of technology and play, offering a new dimension of interaction for children. With the backing of a high-profile figure like Grimes, Grok stands out as an accessible and innovative option for parents seeking to introduce AI technology into their children’s playtime.