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Dior’s Lavish Launch: $230 ‘Scented Water’ for Babies Outprices Adult Fragrances

In a move that blends luxury with infant care, Dior has unveiled its latest product: a high-end “scented water” designed specifically for babies, carrying a lavish price tag of $230. This new addition, named ‘Bonne Étoile Scented Water’, is not just any baby product; it’s a statement of opulence and indulgence.

Infused with gentle notes of pear, wild rose, and white musk, this product emerges as a standout in the baby care market, notably eclipsing the price of Dior’s own iconic adult fragrances. The renowned Dior Sauvage, for instance, retails at about $145, making the baby scent significantly more expensive. Even other Dior favorites like Miss Dior and J’adore, priced around $160, fall short of the baby scent’s lofty cost.

This luxurious scented water is the brainchild of Dior Perfume’s creative director Francis Kurkdijan and Baby Dior’s artistic director Cordélia de Castellane. Their collaboration has not only led to this unique product but also to the exquisite design of the bottles.

Interestingly, the Bonne Étoile formula isn’t entirely new. It’s a modern revival of a 1970 fragrance that Dior had previously discontinued. Kurkdijan, who joined Dior in October 2022, expressed his eagerness to revisit Baby Dior, seeing it as a tribute to Christian Dior’s joyful childhood memories.

Classified as an “eau de senteur,” this alcohol-free scented water is deemed especially suitable for babies and children. Yet, Dior’s website elevates it beyond just fragrant water, describing it as an object of dreaminess that can be personalized with colored ribbons, meant to be a “lucky star” for children.

The packaging too reflects a whimsical charm, with pastel-colored bottles adorned with stars, hot air balloons, and a depiction of an imaginary garden from Dior’s childhood home in Normandy.

Beyond the scented water, Dior’s foray into baby skincare also includes a $115 moisturizer and a $95 cleansing foam, expanding the luxury brand’s reach into the realm of infant care.

As LVMH, Dior’s parent company, remains silent on the launch, the Baby Dior skincare collection, especially its $230 scented water, stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to luxury, even for its youngest clientele. For investors and market observers, this launch not only highlights Dior’s innovative approach to product diversification but also underscores the growing trend of luxury brands venturing into niche markets with bespoke offerings.