Thursday, June 20, 2024
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AMD’s Earnings Excitement: AI Chips, Potential Big-Ticket Clients & the China Export Puzzle

It’s showtime for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) as the tech world eagerly awaits its fiscal first-quarter earnings, set to roll out after Tuesday’s trading wrap-up. But there’s more to the buzz than just numbers on a balance sheet.

AMD’s dance card has been filled lately with its push into the AI realm, a sector poised for exponential growth. With the company’s leadership prowess in data center chips, all eyes are on whether AMD can make significant inroads in this lucrative domain. Analysts are forecasting an encouraging uptick for the tech heavyweight, predicting a bottom line of 68 cents per share, backed by a revenue bump of 2.33%, reaching an impressive $5.7 billion.

Rewind to an earlier interaction in August, AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, had thrown in her revenue estimates for the September quarter, playing in the ballpark of $5.7 billion (give or take $300 million). Not to forget, she also highlighted the gross margins aiming for the 51% mark.

And here’s the real kicker – AMD’s shiny, new-generation chips. Touted to be the knight in shining armor addressing the skyrocketing AI demand, these chips are pegged to ship in healthy volumes by the year’s end. Whispers in the tech alley hint at big names like Amazon and Microsoft as potential clientele. That’s definitely a game-changer in anyone’s book.

John Vinh, an analyst from KeyBanc Capital Markets, adds an interesting dimension to the conversation. While he acknowledges the possible hiccups in the fourth-quarter guidance, he’s bullish on AMD. Citing the potential December launch of the MI300X and a nod from Microsoft, he foresees a spirited stock trajectory as 2023 winds down. Vinh’s confidence in AMD is reflected in his ‘overweight’ rating and a lofty $160 price target.

But the road ahead isn’t without its speed bumps. With U.S. Trade Secretary Gina Raimondo unveiling expanded restrictions on the sale of cutting-edge tech to China, the industry’s on tenterhooks. The aim? Curtail China’s access to high-end semiconductors is pivotal for AI breakthroughs and advanced computing, essential for military applications. China, on the other hand, hasn’t taken kindly to these measures, branding them as “economic coercion” and “sci-tech bullying.”

Closing the day, AMD’s stock trajectory looked promising, nudging 2.2% higher to rest at $98.28 each. This uptick potentially catapults the stock’s six-month growth to a sweet 7%.

As the curtain rises on AMD’s earnings, it’s more than just numbers. It’s about technological evolution, strategic partnerships, and navigating the complex waters of international trade. So, for all the investors and tech aficionados out there, buckle up – AMD’s story is one to watch!