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BMW’s Clever Solution to Decipher Their Car Name Puzzle

Step into the ever-evolving automobile market, and you’ll quickly feel the buzz of innovation paired with a touch of overwhelm. Cars today have capabilities that seemed like sci-fi a decade ago. Take the Tesla Model 3, for example. Not only can it dart from 0-60 mph in a mere 3.1 seconds, but it also does so without a drop of gasoline.

Other brands like Genesis (Hyundai’s luxury offshoot) are making waves too, scooping awards left and right, with models like the 2023 Genesis G90 and G80 grabbing top spots on luxury lists.

However, there’s a twist in the tale. The dream of owning a brand-new car has drifted further from the reach of many. In 2017, a $20,000 budget would give you a decent palette of about 11 models. Fast forward to 2023, and that selection has shrunk to a mere three. The average cost of a new car now hovers around $48,000 – and that’s before the myriad of additional fees.

Yet, amidst these shifting sands, BMW remains a beacon for luxury car enthusiasts, striking a balance between high-end allure and spirited performance. Models like the 2024 X3 beautifully merge the zeal of a sports car with the luxury of an SUV, and at roughly $50,000, it’s competitively priced, especially when pitted against rivals.

However, all’s not rosy in BMW’s garden. The thorn? Their perplexing naming system. Say “Tacoma” or “Highlander,” and an image instantly forms. But try doing the same with a BMW i4 eDrive35i – it’s a mouthful, and frankly, it lacks that instant recall.

BMW’s Name Game Overhaul

Recognizing this nomenclature quagmire, BMW has embarked on a mission to bring clarity. A slew of new model names have been filed with EU trademark authorities, igniting hopes of a more user-friendly naming system on the horizon.

But hang on, die-hard Beemer fans – the iconic combination of letters and numbers isn’t vanishing. Instead, BMW aims to simplify. For instance, instead of the cumbersome BMW i4 eDrive35i, you might soon encounter the sleeker iX340.

Sources suggest the X3 range is first in line for a rebrand. Potential new names include:

  • X320 (gas)
  • X330 (gas)
  • iX330 (electric)
  • iX340 (electric)
  • iX350 (electric)

This revamped structure doesn’t just bring clarity, it also retains familiarity. We’ll still hear echoes of the classic ‘3-series’ or ‘5-series’, but streamlined for a new era. For example, a 3-series sedan could morph into the 330 or 340, with electric counterparts donning the i330 and i340 monikers. And for the performance junkies? The top-tier M series might get crisp badges like BMW M3 or iM3.

While this name game is still unfolding (BMW’s just filed the trademarks, after all), it hints at an exciting future. Soon, you’ll be able to precisely identify that swanky car you’re tailing on the highway or effortlessly pick your dream model from BMW’s lineup.