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Musk’s Bold “X” Marks the Spot on Former Twitter HQ – City Officials Not Amused

In a move that’s quintessentially Elon Musk, a giant “X” now adorns the roof of the San Francisco headquarters previously occupied by Twitter. This surprising transformation is part of Musk’s bold overhaul of the social media company, which he announced would be renamed “X.”

However, city officials have now raised eyebrows over whether Musk and his team had the necessary permits to install this emblematic rooftop feature, according to The Associated Press. It seems that due process may not have been followed, as a planning review and approval are typically required for such installations, citing safety reasons, says Patrick Hanna from the Department of Building Inspection.

This audacious move follows Musk’s recent announcement of the rebranding from Twitter to X, a clear signal of his intent to reshape the social media landscape. The tech mogul couldn’t resist sharing a video of the illuminated “X” logo, which was apparently not to the building’s landlord’s liking, leading to several calls to the local police regarding “sign modifications.”

In a seemingly comic turn of events, Musk’s attempt to remove the Twitter sign from the building resulted in law enforcement showing up while some of the letters were being taken down. The San Francisco Police Department, however, clarified they took no action during the incident.

Musk’s transformation extends beyond physical signs and encompasses digital changes as well. This week, the company ditched Twitter’s iconic blue bird for a sleek, monochrome “X” on its iOS app. Yet, they hit a minor roadblock with Apple’s policy requiring a minimum of two characters for app names.

But it’s not all smooth sailing for X. According to the Department of Building Inspection’s website, the company is now dealing with two complaints – one about the roof logo installation and another about removing the old Twitter sign. The Notice of Violation pointed out that the dangling “@” symbol from the Twitter sign could pose a risk to pedestrians if it were to fall.

Both X and the Department of Building Inspection have yet to comment on these recent developments. It seems Musk’s journey in transforming Twitter into X is turning out to be a blend of audacity, humor, and a sprinkle of controversy, staying true to the entrepreneurial spirit that has defined his career. Regardless of the outcome, it’s a story that entrepreneurs and investors are sure to follow with keen interest.