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Hot Stock or Hot Sauce? The Surprising Case Where Blue-Chip Shares Are Cheaper Than a Bottle of Sriracha

In a surprising twist, the ongoing Sriracha hot sauce shortage has escalated the price of a single bottle to a whopping $70 online. This puts the beloved spicy condiment in a bizarre position, where it’s currently more expensive than shares of several blue-chip giants such as Coca-Cola, Bank of America, or Pfizer.

This sudden surge in Sriracha prices is due to a production crisis. Huy Fong Foods, the masterminds behind this cherished American condiment, is grappling with a severe chili pepper shortage due to a string of extreme weather conditions. This primary ingredient scarcity has inevitably halted the production of not just Sriracha but also its other popular products like Chili Garlic and Sambal Oelek.

The bottleneck in Sriracha supply has prompted sky-high prices on platforms like eBay, where bottles are being sold for up to $70, as originally reported by Yahoo Finance. There was even an eye-popping listing for a 15-pack of 28 oz bottles priced at $955.55. Amazon fares no better, with reports of a two-pack of 17 oz bottles priced at an astounding $129.99.

Surprisingly, the current price of Sriracha makes purchasing blue-chip stocks look like a bargain in comparison. Several prestigious S&P 500 companies have shares priced lower than a bottle of the fiery sauce. For example, as of now, shares of Coca-Cola and Pfizer stand at $60.58 and $68.10 each, respectively. Other options include Pfizer at a very reasonable $36.72 per share, Citigroup at $46.74, and Bank of America at $29.2.

This comes even amid a significant rally in the benchmark index this year, primarily driven by the AI-fueled tech boom. Investor enthusiasm for US stocks has markedly increased in 2023, yet the cost of these shares still lags behind the price of a Sriracha bottle.

This situation might just be the silver lining for Sriracha enthusiasts feeling the heat of the price hike. Instead of splurging on your favorite hot sauce, why not invest those dollars into a potentially profitable blue-chip stock? After all, both can spice up your life, but only one has the potential to grow your wealth.