Friday, May 17, 2024
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How AI and Crypto Can Reinvent Each Other for a Thriving Future

The crypto-to-AI pivot has been making headlines, but it’s crucial to understand that many crypto projects were inherently AI projects from the start. This means that the current hype around AI could help bring crypto-related ideas into the mainstream and vice versa.

A prime example is Irreverent Labs, which initially marketed its MechaFightClub game as a play-to-earn Web3 game with its own economy. The AI aspect of the game, which involved unique AI-generated characteristics and skills for characters, was overshadowed by the crypto focus. However, the company has since leveraged its machine-learning technology to create video prediction tools and give NFT characters personalities.

Similarly, uses AI to animate and give conversational skills to NFTs, creating intelligent NFTs (iNFTs) that can be owned, trained, or sold. By storing information about creations on the blockchain, the company believes that people will be able to verify whether the content is real or AI-generated, creating a use case for blockchain technology.

Golden, another startup, is using the blockchain to verify AI-generated facts, creating an AI-generated encyclopedia. The blockchain rewards users who provide correct data with tokens and validates the information. This creates a positive feedback loop between AI and crypto, where AI technology can make the blockchain more useful. As AI-generated deep fakes and misinformation increase, the blockchain becomes a tool to verify what’s real.

It’s essential to acknowledge that the relationship between AI and crypto is not a competition but rather a collaboration that can lead to innovation and growth for both industries. As more investors, companies, and the public become aware of the potential of AI, it’s likely that the integration of AI and crypto will continue to evolve and create exciting new opportunities.