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McDonald’s Resurrects Beloved Treat After Nearly a Decade

McDonald’s, the king of fast food, is diving into its rich history to rekindle a partnership with one of America’s most cherished brands. With a staggering ten billion-dollar brands under its belt, including fan favorites like the Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, and Egg McMuffin, McDonald’s continues to reign supreme among its competitors.

As the leading burger chain, McDonald’s capitalizes on its core menu, rarely relying on limited-time offers or gimmicks to attract customers. The company occasionally introduces new items, but the focus is on finding the next billion-dollar hit rather than a fleeting sales bump.

Now, after nearly eight years, McDonald’s is set to bring back a menu item that unites the fast-food giant with a universally beloved snack.

The Oreo Frappé Makes a Comeback McDonald’s frozen beverage lineup seldom sees changes, aside from the annual return of the seasonal Shamrock Shake. The Oreo Frappé, however, belongs to the McCafe line and not the shakes category, making a subtle distinction between the two. A Frappé is similar to Starbucks’ Frappuccino, differentiated by the presence of crushed ice.

For the first time in almost eight years, McDonald’s is reviving the Oreo Frappé, a luxurious coffee drink designed as a dessert or indulgent treat. According to Fast Food Post, the Oreo Frappé combines McDonald’s mocha coffee frappe base with crushed ice, Oreo cookie pieces, and cookies-and-cream syrup, topped off with whipped cream and more Oreo cookie crumbs.

Although McDonald’s has yet to confirm the return, materials distributed to stores indicate that the Oreo Frappé will be available at participating locations starting May 17. Some locations will even include a whole Oreo cookie in the frozen treat, complete with a little blue spoon for scooping it like ice cream.

A Refreshing McFlurry Alternative, The Oreo Frappé, offers McDonald’s customers an alternative to the McFlurry, which also features the 111-year-old Oreo brand. This is particularly relevant given the chain’s notorious reputation for broken McFlurry machines. A third-party website, McBroken.com, tracks the status of McFlurry machines across McDonald’s locations, with a recent check showing 10.4% of machines out of order.

When available, the McDonald’s McFlurry with Oreo Cookies combines vanilla soft serve with pieces of the iconic cookie. With the return of the Oreo Frappé, McDonald’s fans have another delicious and indulgent option to satisfy their cravings.