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The Dangers of E-Bikes and E-Scooters Powered By Lithium-Ion Batteries

As of February 27th, misuse of lithium-ion battery-powered e-bikes and e-scooters has resulted in 30 fires, two fatalities, and 40 injuries. It’s time for the public to become aware of the potential risks involved with operating electric vehicles in light of the threats they can bring to users and onlookers.

It is thought that the rise of battery fires is a result of the popularity of e-bikes, nearly 1 million of which were imported into the US just last year. However, since lithium-ion batteries are usually safe unless they are defective or damaged, this could be the result of a glut of low-quality or used batteries that are flooding the market.

The rapid spread of fire caused by lithium-ion batteries makes them extremely risky. They are difficult to put out because to the toxic chemicals they generate when they burn, and once they catch fire, they can completely consume a room in less than 15 seconds. In other words, even if you’re fortunate enough to survive a burning building without being hurt, firemen will still need extra time to put out any leftover flames, putting them in more danger.

New York City Council has suggested several potential solutions in response to the growing concern regarding safety requirements for lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles like e-bikes and e-scooters. They include age restrictions for riders under 16 and prohibitions on importing used batteries from abroad. They also include safety and certification regulations for all new vehicles that use these sorts of batteries. It is hoped that these actions will lessen the number of battery fires that occur throughout New York City while still enabling access to green mobility options like electric bikes and scooters for the general public.

In order to avoid such deaths, it is imperative that we continue to exercise caution when using lithium ion powered vehicles, such as electric scooters or bicycles, especially if they are used or purchased at a reduced price online or overseas. In order for the advantages of using these modes of transportation to exceed any possible risks, we must also be vigilant in ensuring that safety standards are followed.