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Elon Musk invited his mother to a meeting with advertisers, during which he tweeted about Donald Trump. According to the report, he fired an executive who did not find the tweet amusing.

Bloomberg reported on Wednesday that Elon Musk brought his mother, Maye Musk, to a meeting with Twitter advertisers.

The Twitter CEO arrived in New York around 2 a.m. on Halloween with plans to visit his company’s office there and convince advertisers that the app was safe.

In the afternoon, he met with Horizon Media, a leading advertising agency representing brands including Burger King, Corona, and Geico. Musk’s friend Jason Calacanis, two Twitter advertising executives, and the elder Musk were also present.

Calacanis is a tech investor who was a member of Musk’s inner circle at Twitter, advising him on the business but never holding an official position. After mass layoffs, employees were instructed to listen to Calacanis’ podcast to comprehend the necessity of the reductions.

Uncertain as to why Musk’s mother attended the meeting. She accompanied her son to a costume party hosted by Heidi Klum later that evening.

In May, she appeared alongside her billionaire son at the Met Gala and on “Saturday Night Live.”

According to Bloomberg, Horizon Media CEO Bill Koenigsberg informed Musk that some of his clients had heard about the meeting. He stated, “They all asked, ‘Will he reinstate Donald Trump to the podium?'”

Musk responded that numerous people had asked him the same question before pulling out his iPhone and composing a tweet during the meeting: “If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if Trump would return to this platform, Twitter would be flush with cash!”

Bloomberg reported that Musk asked everyone in the meeting before posting if they enjoyed his joke. A Twitter executive opposed the tweet, but Musk laughed and posted it anyway. The executive was terminated later that week, according to Bloomberg.

Twitter and Horizon Media did not immediately respond to comment requests outside normal business hours.