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iPhone 14’s New Emergency SOS Feature: How It Will Help Save Lives

The new iPhone 14 is Apple’s least exciting update since the Memoji, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t something to get excited about. The company has just released a lifesaving feature for its latest flagship phone – Emergency SOS via satellite. This feature has the potential to save lives in emergency situations where no cell service is available.

At the heart of this system are 24 satellites orbiting Earth at low altitudes. Apple invested $450 million into developing these satellites, and they are now ready to be used by iPhone 14 users in dire situations. When an emergency call is placed to 911 without cellular service, users will be given the option to send an emergency text containing precise location data and any pertinent medical information such as allergies or conditions. This message will then be sent directly to local responders who can quickly locate and assist them.

In order for this feature to work properly, there must be an unobstructed view of the sky – meaning no tall buildings or trees blocking access to it – which could add a few extra minutes to sending a message compared to regular texts or calls. Additionally, users should also take the time beforehand to set up their medical ID information if needed, since this can help first responders in providing treatment when they arrive on the scene.

What makes Emergency SOS via satellite so innovative is its ability to provide assistance in remote areas where even GPS tracking may be difficult due to weak signals or interference from other sources. While it may not be as sexy as some of Apple’s other features like Animojis or FaceID, it certainly has tremendous potential for helping people stay safe during dangerous times. The fact that such technology exists now on our phones is certainly worth celebrating!