Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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A Closer Look at Gen Z’s Favorite Brands

Gen Z, the generation born between 1997 and 2012, is growing up fast and their preferences in brands have started to take shape. According to a new report from Morning Consult, YouTube takes the number one spot as the favorite brand among this young demographic. YouTube holds a staggeringly high favorability rating of 75% among Gen Zers, which is higher than all adults in general. Following closely behind are tech giants like Google (60%), Netflix (59%), and Amazon (56%).

However, when it comes to food and beverage companies, half of the top 40 most popular Gen Z brands are related to these industries. Popular favorites such as M&Ms (rank 5), Doritos (8), Kit Kat (9) Oreo (10), and Gatorade at No 11 have consistently high favorability ratings amongst this group. Interestingly enough, compared to other age groups, Gen Z has a lower favorability rating for all surveyed brands but that isn’t necessarily bad news. In fact, they have higher ratings for fast-fashion giant Shein compared to other age groups. This could be indicative of their interest in staying on top of trends, their preference for accessible fashion items, and their heightened awareness about supporting ethical fashion practices.

These findings should inform businesses’ strategies for marketing their products to this demographic because targeting specific preferences can help build relationships with Gen Zers more quickly than vague campaigns or those that do not appeal to them directly. To effectively engage with this generation companies should focus on creating content that speaks directly to them by including elements like humor and relatability in their messages instead of relying solely on traditional methods such as product specs or features alone.

It’s clear that understanding the nuances of how Gen Zers interact with different brands is key when it comes to marketing successfully within this demographic group so take the time now to get familiar with their likes, dislikes, and preferences before starting any campaigns or initiatives aimed at them. Doing so will give businesses an added edge when it comes time to make decisions on how best to reach out and engage with Gen Zers going forward.