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Warren Buffett Leads Record-Breaking Philanthropy with $541.5 Million Donation

2023 witnessed a remarkable surge in philanthropic efforts, with over $3.5 billion donated by individuals or their foundations. This generosity spanned various sectors, including education, healthcare, and scientific research. Topping the annual list from The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Warren Buffett’s substantial donation of 1.5 million Berkshire Hathaway shares stood out as the year’s largest contribution.

Buffett, with an estimated net worth of around $119 billion, generously allocated shares valued at $541.5 million to the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, named in honor of his late first wife. This foundation, established in 1964, is dedicated primarily to women’s reproductive health and provides college scholarships in Nebraska, Buffett’s home state. Uniquely, this donation was apart from Buffett’s annual contributions and part of a larger pledge made in 2006.

Following Buffett’s lead was James Simons and his wife, Marilyn, who donated $500 million to the State University of New York at Stony Brook. The Simons, with a net worth of $30.7 billion, have strong ties to the university, with James having chaired its mathematics department and Marilyn being an alumna.

Tied for third place in significant donations is Ross Brown, founder of Cryogenic Industries, who committed $400 million to the California Institute of Technology. This donation will support the Brown Institute for Basic Sciences and a fellowship program for midcareer faculty in chemistry and physics research.

Phil Knight, Nike cofounder, and his wife, Penny, with a net worth of $43 billion, pledged $400 million to the 1803 Fund. Their initiative, Rebuild Albina, aims to restore the economic and cultural vitality of a historically Black neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.

Daniel and Jennifer Gilbert, with a nearly $29 billion fortune, generously contributed $375 million through their foundation to Henry Ford Health. This donation will establish two medical centers, including one for rehabilitation and another for research on neurofibromatosis, a cause close to their hearts.

Kenneth Griffin, with an estimated net worth of $38 billion, donated $300 million to Harvard University for financial aid and various programs. He also joined David Geffen in contributing $400 million to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, although the exact split of this contribution remains undisclosed.

These monumental gifts in 2023 showcase the ongoing commitment of the world’s wealthiest to addressing critical issues and supporting pivotal institutions. The year’s total charitable donations, exceeding $3.5 billion, reflect a significant impact across multiple sectors, setting a high bar for philanthropy in the years to come.